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Smithy wants more papadums

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

I was cruising the news the other day and came across a story regarding Foreign Minister Stephen Smith wanting us to spice up our international relations with India.

I thought it was interesting that he suggested that we had neglected India in preference to China, considering that his leader Kevin Rudd seems to be pushing for honorary Chinese citizenship. I wonder if he cleared his comments with Kevin first?

The article doesn’t really explain what Steve thinks we should be doing though. Apparently he realises that both countries love cricket, that we have a small but high quality film industry that has assisted bollywood and that we are letting them dig up some of our coal, but stops short of explaining exactly what we should be pursuing.

Did he forget that his own government banned uranium exports to India? Way to strengthen foreign relations Steve, suggest that they are too dangerous to sell uranium to!

Does anyone know what Smithy is on about?