The fake IR debate

How does the media justify this ridiculous attack on the opposition over industrial relations laws? It seems to me that many in the media have been reading from the Labor party play book, and are recycling this issue on a daily basis because they know a large number of voters aren’t going to see through the scam.

Labor came out on day 1 and said the coalition would reintroduce Workchoices.No matter how many times Tony Abbot and Joe Hockey come out and promise not to do so, the media somehow manage to believe that there is a story to be told around this issue. It’s just crap, to put it plainly, and the media should be ashamed of themselves.

After hammering Tony Abbot to give guarantee after guarantee on the issue, the media then turns their argument on its head, and start saying that because no changes are going to be made, the opposition has no policy for IR! Seriously!

So the reality now, is that the opposition cannot win, because whatever they say, the media will argue the opposite case, even though in the end, the media is arguing against itself!

Kerry Obrien on the 7:30 report last night continued to drive the most stupid point, that changed rules about union secret ballot elections is somehow a change in Industrial Relations laws. Lets be honest about it Kerry, while the law in question may have been shoehorned into the IR package by the Labor party, nobody in their right mind believes that asking Unions to pay for expenses they incur from the taxpayers is in any way related to the working conditions of Australians.

Kerry proved he was just grinding an axe, when after wasting much of the interview waffling on about lawmaking technicalities, he said;

“But the point I’m making has nothing to do with amounts of money, or about making savings, it is, that you are using one act, to change the nature of an aspect of another act, that you are saying you are not going to touch” – Kerry Obrien.

Exactly Kerry; Why are you not talking about things that actually affect voters; Interest Rates, Federal Government debt, standard of living. Why?

If the people of Australia let this issue decide the next election, then we will certainly have got the government we deserve.

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