Sex party candidate claims dirty tricks

Normally I wouldn’t give anyone silly enough to run for parliament under the “sex party” banner any airtime at all, but the claims made in a recent press release are worth looking at, as an example of something that is clearly a political beat up designed to get press attention.

Sandy Gutman, running for the seat of Waringah, says;

“Last Thursday I had a Godwin Gretch-type character call me from the Tax Office and tell me that over the next five weeks of the election campaign and for no particular reason, I am to be audited”

I like how he throws “for no particular reason” in there. It makes it sound very conspiratorial, doesn’t it? Well Sandy, the fact is that the ATO audits many many people every, for no particular reason, other than to ensure that people are playing by the rules. If you have your affairs in proper order, then it should be a painless process. This is not a conspiracy or even a big deal.

In fact, I’m sure there are plenty of small business owners being audited right now, who wonder why Sandy should get special treatment because he is an aspiring politician.

But there’s more to this conspiracy, apparently;

Yesterday afternoon his long-running website, suddenly vanished off the world wide web. “Neither I, nor my service provider, have any idea what has happened here”

Firstly, if your hosting provider doesn’t know what happened, then it’s time to get a new hosting provider! Honestly, nobody else in their right might would accept “I don’t know what happened to your website” as a suitable response.

Secondly, a bit of digging around and it’s pretty clear the site has been taken down at the hosting end. So it’s clear that either Sandy or his hosting provider know what’s going on, and this is simply a publicity stunt.

Now for the final bit of irony;

[Sandy] said he was a hard-working stand-up comedian who paid his taxes and led a sober and celibate lifestyle.

So why is it that a celibate individual is running for parliament under the auspices of the Sex Party?

It’s a good thing there is no chance of this individual winning the seat.

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