Abbott’s IR policy is clear to everyone but the media

Clearly Australian media outlets are struggling to come up with good meaty stories this Election, so they are resorting to making up stuff to fill airtime and column inches.

Take, for example, the ABC’s ludicrous assertion today Tony Abbott has been anything but crystal clear on the Coalitions IR policy going into this election;

@abcnews 11:51am via TweetDeck
Abbott stumbles on IRAbbott stumbles on IR changes

If you go on to read the full article, it is clear the ABC is drawing a VERY long bow here; What Tony Abbott is clearly saying is that;

  • The coalition will not change the IR laws during the next term of government
  • That nobody, including the ABC, can forsee that the laws will never need changing

Surely it is entirely unreasonable to think that any given law will NEVER need amending? Of course the IR laws will change, the world doesn’t stop turning, so lets get over this rubbish, and move onto working out who we are going to vote for on the basis of real policy and not journalist rubbish.

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