The Goodna Bypass Fiasco

News out this week that our esteemed leaders in Canberra never really intended to scrap the Goodna Bypass should come as no surprise; Prime Minister Rudd has always been a man ready to say what needs to be said to get the votes, and worry about the doing later; But I think the important points have been missed completely or reported backwards by Channel 9;

First of all, there was NOT massive opposition to the bypass, and it was NOT the reason Shayne Neumann was elected; Polls conducted prior to the election in the area showed a majority supported the bypass, and anyone who has driven that corridor in the last 2 years will know why that is the case.

Even that’s not the big question in my mind; To me, the real question is, if you believe the bypass is going to be necessary, why on earth are you spending so much money massively upgrading a road that will later be bypassed?  It makes no sense at all, and you have to wonder what would motivate anyone to spend $2 BILLION upgrading a road you are going to replace.

Okay, $700 million of that is for the Wacol to Darra stretch, but still, it’s a lot of money for a road nobody will travel on when the bypass is put through.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out at the next federal election; Surely the folks who don’t want the bypass are going to be cranky, and the ones that did, equally so?

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