The climate change debate

With the debate in parliament about the Labor governments misguided “Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme” bill raging on of late, the key fact I am getting everywhere I turn for news and information is that nobody really understands the science or is prepared to use it to back their argument.

Here’s a couple of quick examples;

…the delusionist conspiracy theorists are exposed for the loony fruit loops they are…

John Quiggan

Even if you are a died in the wool Chicken Little and member of the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists….

Kev Gillett

I suspect the lesson for all of us is that resorting to childish name calling like the above severely diminishes our credibility, making what good arguments we may put up seem a lot less reliable.

In all things, we should focus on the facts (as we understand them), and be prepared to contest those facts, and not the person asserting them.

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