Strange story from Tasmania

Not a Queensland tale but one I thought I should comment on; This story in the Courier Mail today; A boy drowns while on a school excursion.

Here are my thoughts;

His father Laupule said he had told the school his son was to be excluded from school trips.
“He was not a strong swimmer and we did not encourage him going in the water,” Mr Levi said.

Parents around Australia should think long and hard about that. Why could the boy not swim? Was it because his parents “excluded” him from everything so he never learned? Sounds like a case of over protective parenting costing the poor boy his life.

THE parents of a Tasmanian student who drowned say they had no idea he had been going on a school excursion.

Seriously? How could they not? I would love to see some investigation of this claim, it seems pretty far fetched on the face of it.

It’s a tragedy to be sure, but the facts presented seem a little unusual.

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