Jo-Ann Miller’s attack on Springfield

I’m a little late to this party, but the double standard here made it impossible to let it go; Back in September Jo-Ann Miller decided to take aim at Springfield Land Corporation in a speech she gave about a piece of legislation called the Sustainable Planning Bill 2009.

It makes me wonder when a politician says something like this;

“The biggest issue that was brought to my attention was in relation to planning decisions and the naming of parks being accountable to the community”

Really? That is the BIGGEST issue? I would think if that is the big ticket complaint of Springfield residents, then they are doing pretty well.

But lets look at the real double standard here;

My understanding is that the community has not seen the final plans for this parkland and that the people of Springfield Lakes are outraged that the parkland is to be named the ‘Robelle Domain Parkland’, because it has been named after a developer and his wife and it actuallymakes no sense.

What about  Jo-Ann Miller Drive in Collingwood Park?  We people buying blocks on that street given the chance to object to the naming of it? Surely if politians can have things named for themselves, then the developers responsible for building an entire town like Springfield should be able to stamp their name on something for posterity?

Make sure you click through to the google maps view of J0-Ann Miller Drive; Have a look around and you’ll see she’s not the only one to feel the need to get stuff named after herself. I don’t mind the ones named for former prime ministers around the same area, but sitting members should get on with leaving a legacy so that after they have left parliament, someone can decide their contribution was great enough to have streets, parks or bridges named for them.

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