Another reason to dislike big business.

James McCullough over at CityBeat Blog brings us a little gossip about a couple of lads getting into a punch up at Suncorp.

On the one hand, this is just scurrilous gossip which probably should have been kept in house.

On the other hand, the two protagonists were told to stay home for 2 weeks as punishment for their indiscretion, but were still paid during those 2 weeks!

I guess if their boss had shown the guts to actually punish them for such behaviour in the workplace (by, lets say, giving them a 2 week UNPAID holiday instead), we’d have a union picket line outside Suncorp the very next day.

At the very least they should have been force to pay for some anger management training instead of an extra 2 weeks holiday this year; I wonder if other blokes at big companies like Suncorp might figure getting into a bit of biff just before Christmas might be a good way to get some free holiday time to spend with the family?

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