Gillard the evil genius?

Make no mistake, I am generally unhappy with the way our current overlords are managing our countries affairs; Recent news from Canberra has me offering credit though, but not for a good reason;

Julia Gillards skillful maneuver to erect a Labor Party advertisment at every school in the country, slated to be finished just before the next election, is pure evil genius!

I don’t know how much impact the signs will have at the next election, but it does give me pause to think that perhaps its time for a little electoral reform? Yeah, I know, snowflakes chance in hell, but still, we can dream.

Perhaps it’s time to ensure that there is virually NO advertising at polling places; Perhaps we could legislate for each party / candidate to have the right to erect a table and banner of a limited size, such that they can all line up out the front and ply their how-to-vote cards, and leave it at that?

At the last election it was clear at least at my polling place that the labor minions has been up all night plastering fences with their banners; It might be time to level the playing field for all candidates, not just the big party ones.

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