Tasers in the spotlight

With the recent death of Antonio Galeano, the mainstream press are once again promoting the idea that tasers are bad and should not be carried by Queensland Police.

The facts of this most recent case are yet to be fully confirmed, but there are suggestions that in this case the offender was subdued, handcuffed and had been talking to police before his health deteriorated and he passed away;

There is also the suggestion that the man was suicidal, had failed within 48 hours of the incident to kill himself and was in fact attempting to have the police end his life by confronting them.

As far as this case goes, I hope the police involved are cleared of any wrong doing; They have a tough job, and the sad fact is that from time to time, things are going to go pear shaped, and we shouldn’t be blaming the police for doing their best to deal with these things.

As for tasers, it is my firm belief that if we are better off giving our police the choice of using them; Lets be realistic, if a madman is weilding a weapon, and the police shoot him, he’s likely to be dead; If they can taser him, he’s likely to be alive.

Perhaps I’m missing something, feel free to leave a comment if you feel differently about tasers.

One Response to “Tasers in the spotlight”

  1. Cathy Carmichael Says:

    Why would you ever hope that the police are cleared of any wrong doing? What if there was wrong doing? Would you still like for them to be cleared for wrong doing too? For example, tampering with all the evidence after it was to be treated like a normal homicide? It was found that this man did not have a weapon, that the officers involved lied to cover their backsides, but they were found out by the 000 tapes. And why if any of the officers were telling the truth, would someone photoshop some of the photographs? What were they trying to hide?

    That tasers kill people, it has been proven. You do not have to be an academic to see that. The only way that you can ever understand or appreciate if tasers harm or kill people is when it is done to your brother or sister. Think about that one. Would that make you feel any different or make you make different comments?

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