Wasteful ACTU out of touch

News from the ABC that the ACTU have decided not only to start a campaign for “workers rights”, but they are wasting large sums of union members money to do so.

I guess if union members want to spend money on glossy TV commercials, that’s there business, but I would have thought unions like the ACTU would have learned by now that they should spend their members dues on things that help their members, not hinder their future.

When are they going to learn that if you make it nearly impossible to fire somebody, it also in turn makes it almost impossible to hire them?

If an employer doesn’t want an employee, they should be allowed to fire them. The reason should not matter. Employee’s do not have a right their job. They do have a right to be paid and treated fairly, but at the end of the day, their employer is parting with their cash, and should be allowed to choose not to.

In the fullness of time, people will figure this out, and we’ll eventually change the government… perhaps next time, everyone will not have such short memories.

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