Revenue raising strong during holiday season

Yes folks, I got a speeding ticket. On Christmas Day. This event proved to me without a shadow of a doubt that our masters, who we keep voting in, do not have our wellbeing at heart.

If the government wanted to improve our lives, it would instruct police on days like Christmas Day to pull over motorists and caution them, only booking the ones driving like madmen, which I saw plenty of on the way home.

If the government was serious about road safety, it would fix the roads. Instead, it places a single 80klm sign on a lonely stretch of 100klm highway, changing back to 100klms barely a kilometre further down the road, and simply waits until a schmuck like me misses the sign, and gets nailed.

Never mind that I spent the entire holiday break searching for speed limit signs and setting the cruise control. Never mind that I was passed countless times by actual SPEEDING motorists. Never mind that I was almost killed when a bus driver decided to change lanes over the top of a car I was following (thankfully, I leave a safe gap, and had enough time to slow down).

Oh, and never mind the fact that I was pulled over in a clearly signed 100klm zone, and told I was speeding. If you are going to pull these sneaky tactics, at least have me booked in the 80 zone you claim I was speeding through!

So I hope our government overlords had a festive Christmas, with their chauffer driven cars and tax payer funded champagne breakfasts. The rest of us continue to do it tough.

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