Rates up, but no money for repairs / maintenance

Carole Park residents on Sinclair Drive have been suffering with increasing noise levels since bushfires in 2003 burnt down the noise barrier that was erected to mitigate the growing noise levels from the Centenary Freeway.

As the traffic level of the freeway has increased, so has the noise, and finally residents get upset enough to start writing to their local representatives. You’d think they’d rush to organise a team to go out and repair the barrier upon having this pointed out.

No. Instead of actually fixing the problem, State Member Anna Palaszczuk and Councillor Milton Dick have come together to hold an information night. I’m not making this up. Seriously. An information night? What kind of information do these people need? They know the barrier is gone, they know the noise is hard to live with, how about you just repair the barrier?

This Cranky Queenslander wonders how much of this crap has to go on before people will stop voting for these fools.

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