The devil’s in the detail

I came across this article in the courier mail, and after reading it through twice, and recalling the labor party rhetoric of the last election, I thought it was a bit of a beat up. The labor party never promised to upgrade the whole Ipswich motorway did they?

So I went looking, and found the new member for Blair Shayne Neumann’s maiden speech to parliament. I did a quick scan for any mention of the motorway, and I found this;

Nevertheless, for many years now, the missing link for Ipswich and its surrounds has been federal funding. The most obvious example of the financial neglect by the previous coalition government has been the Ipswich Motorway, linking Ipswich with Brisbane. This four-lane national highway is at its capacity…….

….my Liberal predecessor opposed the full upgrade of the motorway from Ipswich to Brisbane, instead wasting years by running interference on this vital issue. We will fix the Ipswich Motorway. We will fully upgrade the Ipswich Motorway to six lanes and build a network of service roads to take intersuburban traffic off the motorway.

So the courier mail appears to have it right on; One of the very first things Shayne did as the member for Blair was promise this very thing, a FULL upgrade of the motorway, not just the Dinmore to Goodna stretch.

Was Shayne lying when he said that in parliament, or does he just not know where the Ipswich Motorway goes? I have heard stories locally of other clueless incidents, so perhaps its the latter. Either way, he needs to come out and apologise and make this right.

I also can’t seem to find a website with all his speeches and what not… anyone know where I should be looking?

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