Joyce on hybrid cars

Barnaby Joyce tends to run hot and cold, and this morning on ABC Insiders I witnessed comments that I hope he regrets deeply.

When being interviewed in front on what I think was a Toyota Prius, he described the car as being like a sardine can, and suggested the next move was scooters and rain coats.

Seriously, I’d own a Prius if I could afford one, and there is no reason why government fleets should not be predominantly hybrid vehicles.

Get over yourself Barnaby and think about whats good for your constituents, the country as a whole, and the environment.

2 Responses to “Joyce on hybrid cars”

  1. Barnaby Joyce Says:

    Dear Cranky Queenslander,

    I believe that we should be developing our own, suited to our Australian conditions and it now looks like we are. In the mean time we should be using our sugar to produce ethanol, developing ligno cellulose transfer technology so we can use the grain for food and the stubble or trash for fuel. Surely we are smarter than being exporters of rocks and importers of almost everything else. Our car industry is one of our last manufacturing arenas so important in maintaining a manufacturing base in our country.
    Any how thanks for your comments.

    Kind Regards


  2. Head Crank Says:

    And thankyou for yours Barnaby. There are some good nuggets in your comment there and I will find the time soon to extract them and see what I can make from them.

    I would add that we should be charging down the hydrogen road too, and that is something we could easily be world leaders at if the government would do something about it.

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