Garrett on Hydrogen – All Too Hard Mate!

Readers will recall I wrote to Minister Garrett asking him to pull the finger out on Hydrogen as a fuel for transport, and recently he wrote back.

Most of the reply points to the challenges faced by anyone trying to bring Hydrogen to the market, but fails to suggest what the government might do to overcome those challenges.

The Australian Government that the use of hydrogen as a transport fuel has great potential…

…These difficulties are not seen as impossible to overcome…

Okay then, so why are there no initiatives in the hydrogen arena? Why is the government silent on the issue? Why is it proposing to spend $500 million on convincing Toyota to build the prius in Australia three to six years from now, and not spending anything now to promote Hydrogen?

What’s even funnier is that the letter cites a Howard Government initiative as one of the few positive policies that are in effect. Doesn’t Labor have any policies in this area? Apparently not!

I bet everyone who cares for the environment who voted Labor are thinking twice about doing it again; This governments environmental credentials are a joke, and will continue to be until Rudd wakes up and actually does something!

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