"Facebook Murder" – What a crock!

Despite the fact that Seven News clearly pointed out tonight that the suspected perpetrator of the murder of Sarah Elston was her ex boyfriend, I’m sure there are plenty of Queenslanders tonight deleted their facebook profiles and demanding their kids do the same.

What a crock. Why is it that the media needs to find weird angles on stories? How about just reporting the facts, which in this case, having virtually nothing to do with Facebook at all.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of foolish young people who’s personal information is freely available on Facebook, My Space, Bebo and the like. A quick google search of the name of your local high school will usually turn up one or more. That doesn’t make these sites bad, though, it makes their users stupid.

So if you haven’t already got on the Facebook bandwagon, go sign up, but for goodness sake, understand how to protect your privacy BEFORE you do! Remember, if someone wants to do you harm, they have to physically find you first!

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  1. kyle Says:

    yes the murder had nothing to do with facebook, because she didn’t even meet the guy through facebook nor did she contact him through facebook nor was he her ex-boyfriend, that was all media exaggeration. this is the real situation. sarah was a very popular girl in west end, everyone knew her, whether they were close friends with her or acquaintances, everyone loved her and respected her. she was the centre to the community. anywho she was at a bar one night with her friends and this man was there. he suffered from schizophrenia and approached them. he started to follow her home every night and eventually became her stalker. because sarah was a very kind hearted person to every-one, she approached him in a friendly way to try and get him to stop stalking her. she eventually agreed to invite him over her place the next night so they could get to know each-other. the same day sarah was murdered, the man made comments to people that he felt like killing some-one, however, no-one took him seriously and no action was made about that comment. the following night he went to sarah’s apartment to see her. a friend of her’s was already there and once the man showed up she asked her friend to excuse himself. sarah welcomed the man in and went to show him something on the computer. with her back turned to him, he pulled out his knife (that he brought) and stabbed her multiple times until she eventually and tragically died. police found her mutilated body the next morning. at first they considered her friend as suspect but later moved on to the man. they then visited his home, asked him about the death of sarah elston and without any more questions he confessed to them that he killed her as if it was a common part of life. that’s what really happened, that’s the true story (none of this ‘facebook murder’ ‘ex-boyfriend’ shit). if you don’t believe me well let me tell you now that was all gathered from a police report…

  2. M Says:

    I’m a friend of Sarah’s. I want to ask you (Kyle) about the police report.


  3. dreamt Says:

    I miss her

  4. Shirin Nadarajah Says:

    I miss her too. Knew her from Indooroopilly High and she used to be in the same Yr10 English class as me. I loved her poetry, short stories, dancing and acting. Sarah you will be sorely missed and I am so upset and devastated that someone could so cruelly take ur life away. RIP

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