Binge Drinking Theory

A lot has been written about the Rudd Governments tax hike on pre mix drinks that’s been dressed as an attack on binge drinking. Seeing as I am just a little drunk while writing for this blog tonight (yes, I write some of these articles ahead of time…who’d have thought?), it occurs to me to think more deeply about the alleged binge drinking problem.

My first thought was perhaps we need a blood alcohol limit for people just being in a public place. I can recall being particularly wasted as a 19 year old, and sitting on a public bench gathering strength for the final march to the taxi rank, when a policeman suggested to my compatriot that he get me home before I was locked up for the night.

I wasn’t being a nuisance that night (I had enough trouble walking to the taxi rank without trying to pick a fight), but there are plenty of drunk people in our cities that ARE a real nuisance, and perhaps the easy way to deal with it is to legislate a limit for the blood alcohol level you are allowed to attain and still be entitled to walk the streets. Comments?

My other point would be that the real binge drinking problem is teenagers, who are not legally supposed to be drinking anyway. In my experience, teenage girls are particularly fond of over indulging while their parents are off doing god knows what god knows where. Any readers who know teenagers well will know these stories.

I’m not sure how we would police measures to punish parents for allowing such nonsense to go on; Perhaps a rewards scheme for people to dob in alcohol fuelled teen parties so the cops can bust in record the details? If we can figure out how to catch the loser parents who let this go on, I reckon the first step should be to cut off all government benefits. Lets face it, should the average tax payer like myself be funding families who’s kids are off boozing themselves silly every weekend?

Like I said, catching them is the problem. And I have no solution, as I said at the stat of this post, I am a little drunk myself. But I am an adult, and that makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

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