The obsession with speeding motorists

It seems the state governments law and order policy revolves around booking as many motorists for driving over the speed limit as it possible can. That being said, sometimes I wonder about the way it goes about it, and I always wonder if its worth the effort.

The other day I was driving down Hale street heading for Milton road. There were three, motorcycle cops parked on the off ramp to milton road, and two of them (yeah, TWO of them!) were standing in the middle of the road aiming radar guns at oncoming traffic.

Apart from the excessive number of cops required for this job, it was also a joke due to the fact that it was peak hour and traffic was choked and slow along this stretch of Hale street.

Still, they had managed to pull over a couple of people, and one lady looked like she wasn’t too pleased about the interruption to her day.

So if we are going to continue to have police wasting their day looking for speeding motorists, how about we put them somewhere that they can catch the real speed demons; You know the sort that do 130+ and change lanes three times per kilometre? Leave the guy doing 98 on Ipswich road alone.

While we are at it, how about we RAISE the speed limits on roads? 90 on Ipswich road is a joke, and the Gateway and M1 could be 120 in large part.

Then, get rid of speed cameras and radar guns, and put all those police on the streets patrolling. Have them pull over people who are driving recklessly, tailgaiting and running red lights. These are the people that cause accidents, and they only get the message when a police officer gives it to them in person.

Having all those extra police mobile and in our city means that when some punk decided to stick up the 7-Eleven, its more likely we can get some cops there in time to nab him. I would love to see more police in our suburbs keeping us safe than parked on the site of the freeway doing nothing.

How about stiffer penalties for people who recklessly cause accidents? The fools that clog up our major arterial roads cost thousands of us as we all get stuck in their mess.  Disqualify them from driving for 3 months and force them to do advanced driver training.

Yeah, I know, it will never happen. But a guy can dream can’t he?

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