Joyce seeking justice in Heiner affair

While I am still trying to get my head around the full story of the Heiner affair, what is clear is that the cabinet of the day did something very very wrong in destroying documents holding evidence relating to the rape of a 14 year old girl.

Former Premier of Queensland Peter Beattie told Alan Jones shortly before he left parliament that the reason the documents were shredded was because the Heiner enquiry had been setup without giving privilege to those giving evidence. So apparently, the cabinet of the day got legal advice saying that they should shred all the evidence collected thus far, so as to protect those who gave evidence from legal action.

Just last year, shortly after Premier Beattie left parliament, Senator Joyce in an adjournment speech, attempted to table the Rofe Audit Report into the affair, and was blocked by a labor member of the senate (who I have yet to identify, does anyone know who that was?)

In his speech, he made the point that the Queensland Parliament could have passed retrospective legislation to give privilege to the Heiner enquiry, thus solving the litigation problem they were so worried about, and allowing things to proceed and justice to be sought for the victims of abuse that the enquiry was setup to investigate.

So now its time I sent out some letters on the subject. I’ve come up with three so far, and I would love to have some suggestions on who else I should write to, and what else I should be asking them;

Letter to Senator Joyce – Commending him on bringing the matter to the federal parliament and asking what future steps he plans on taking to further the cause of justice in this matter.

Queensland Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee – Asking them to investigate the matter and bring charges where evidence exists of criminal conduct.

Leader of the Opposition in Queensland, asking him to get on board and publicly push for a proper investigation into the matter. As a prospective leader of our state, he should be yelling most loudly about it.

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  1. Shredder Says:

    The PCMC is already reviewing the Rofe Audit. It is now known that some of those named in the Rofe audit are 6 serving Queensland judges (Justice Catherine Holmes, Justice Tim Carmody, Judge Julie Dick, Her Honour Leanne Clare, His Honour Noel Nunan and State Magistrate Michael Barnes) and the Governor of Queensland and GG in waiting Quentin Bryce. The PCMC has been investigating the audit since February 2008.

    Bryce was nominated by Rudd to become GG in April while he knew that Bryce is in the audit. How does he know this? Because he is also in the audit because of his role as Chief of Staff to Goss.

    The Borg (Springborg) also knows of the PCMC investigation but they (the opposition) see more mileage in the Gravy Train story than a constitutional crisis that is staring at us all.

    Of course the local media has been it’s usual silent self on the whole matter despite emails to various outlets and editors.

    Good luck with your crusade.

  2. Shredder Says:

    Do you have a contact link for non public communications?

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