Henson should be ashamed of himself

I’m constantly amazed not only at how poorly the average human being can behave, but also by how others can seek to make excuses for the behaviour. The latest step toward moral decay is this Henson characters photographing of naked children.

I think this article in the Sydney Morning Herald shows how we are sliding down the slippery slope. Let me pull out the key phrases;

It’s a triumph of the philistines

The title of the piece says it all. If you are upset by the fact that children are being stripped naked and photographed, my must be a philistine. There is no way you can just be a concerned citizen who thinks children’s naked bodies should be confined to the family bathroom. Clearly there are a lot of people who don’t have a problem with their children being on public, naked, display. That worries me for a start.

No other contemporary Australian artist in any medium enjoys such an exalted reputation or has a more devoted market for his work.

So what? His reputation has nothing to do with the question of being allowed to strip children naked and photograph them. Seriously. I can’t understand this argument at all. If I went next door, borrowed the neighbours two little girls, took all their clothes off and photographed them, I would be in prison right now. And rightly so.

it would be foolish to write them off as "pornography".

This is where the lewd sector try and skew us off point. These photos are NOT pornography. That doesn’t mean they are okay though. They are indecent, morally bankrupt and wrong, but are not porn. The writer of this and other similar pieces need to get back on topic. You cannot possible tell me its okay to photograph naked children.

It is not surprising that many people are shocked and disturbed by images of naked adolescents

No it is not, and this is the first statement that gets close to reality. However, you can see the writers use of the word adolescents to make the kids seem less like kids.  We are talking about 12 and 13 year olds here. They are children, and you should refer to them as such.

He obtains the full co-operation of his subjects and their families, many of whom have remained friends.

Again, so what? So he as willing accomplices in his dirty work? If I have a few mates who think its fine to help me rob the local ANZ, does that make it all right?

The real point here is that the parents of these children should also be charged. They have cooperated in the exploitation of their children, and they should be made to understand the seriously of this. They should have the kids taken from them and placed in foster care where they can be safe from this kind of rubbish.

This case has the potential to drag on for many months in the courts, giving the world a ring-side view of the narrowness of our minds

Oh, I see; If I think that children should be children and not paraded around naked for the world of perverts to get off on, then I am narrow minded? I wonder if the writer of this piece has children, and if so, would they mind dropping them at my place for a little nude photo shoot. I’ll put the pics on the internet and call the art, it’ll be great!

No, they wouldn’t. And any self respecting parent wouldn’t either. Who is looking after the children?

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