Has Labor set up FTTN bidders to fail?

I was reading an article on ZDNet this morning regarding comments from the Auditor General relating to a claim by the opposition that the RFP for labor’d grand FTTN plan might be anti competative.

In a funny twist of irony, the Auditor General stated both that the RFP was fine, and that it did in fact include clauses that would allow for anti competitive behaviour on the part of the government.

Amendments to the RFP would be required for non-compliant bids to be accepted. The ANAO notes that the RFP provides the flexibility to make such amendments, should the government choose to do so.

Sweet; So we have bids put in, the government pre determines the winner and just changes the rules to suit the bid they want.

The longer this goes on the more it looks like the government have an agenda to hand Telstra large sums of tax payer money for basically nothing, and I have to wonder why that would be.

I’ll write more on this topic this week.

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