Aboriginals think rape is legal?

No, of course they don’t, but that’s the incredible statement found in a news.com.au article of a couple of days ago. Here’s the quote;

….the case of an elder who had asked him if rape was illegal.

"When I said yes, he told me `none of our young people know that’.

Someone is clearly gilding the lily here. Just think about what this guy is trying to say; That a young aboriginal man can grab a woman, forcibly have intercourse with her while she screams, crys and begs him to leave her alone, and NOT think there is anything wrong?


The article mostly deals with the fact that there is a problem with aboriginals understanding the legal process they end up being brought into, and I can see that as being pretty on the money, but the above statement is just bizzare.

The actual problem seems to be that when people in the communities canvasses for the story are brought to court, they don’t understand the meaning of a variety of words, and end up getting convicted in some cases of things they didn’t actually do because they didn’t understand.

Who’s fault is that? Don’t we have a legal system where accused people are represented? Isn’t it the job of ones legal counsel to make sure you understand what you are being charged with, what the consequences of a guilty verdict would be, and to help prepare a proper defence?

How is it that after figuring this out, nobody is investigating those that are representing these alleged criminals, and why are we not ensuring that all citizens are provided a proper level of representation when they are accused of a crime?

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