Put it in the bin people!

I went for my early morning walk this morning and was once again struck by just how lazy and dirty the local population are around where I live.

The number of fast food wrappers, drink cans (including post mix alcoholic beverages), cigarette packets and other assorted crap littering the area is staggering.

I wonder if its time we went "singapore" on the issue. Dropping your garbage on the street there can result in thousands of dollars in fines and hours of community service picking up the rubbish. I wouldn’t have a problem with really high fines for littering. If we made the fine $1000, and employed just one guy to police it, he’d only need to catch two offenders a week to easily cover the cost of employing him.

That being said, I think we need more than that. How about the local high school organises groups of its students to do a clean up run every so often? In my area, a lot of the problem is caused by lazy high school students, so that idea seems to have the double effect of cleaning up the mess and educating the little darlings.

Beyond that, why doesn’t the local council install bins in public areas? On my 30 minute morning walk, there isn’t one single rubbish bin, yet there are three bus stops, four take away shops, a pub and various other service providers.

I guess it’s time to write to the local council again and ask for help!

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