Labor’s Language Revolution

It seems that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s vision for an education revolution starts not with Math or English, not with reading or writing, not even with science or technology. No, it start with learning a foreign language.

I’ve spoken to educators in the past, and they assure me that learning a second language has positive effects in all areas of learning. But still, I can’t help but ask a few hard questions;

Why is it that at my local primary school, kids attend a class they refer to as "German", but almost never actually learn any German language? For the most part, the class is more about world culture than about learning a second language.

What is the government going to do about the appalling level of education our kids are getting through primary school? Why are kids who can’t read being allowed to graduate primary school and move on to high school?

And if kids are getting to High School not being able to read english, what good would it do to try and teach them Mandarin?

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